Website of the Month: Are Your Passwords in the Green?

We all know how vital it is to use strong passwords online, but for a sobering look at just how quickly the “average” cybercriminal can hack any that aren’t up to scratch, go to Hive Systems’ article “Are your passwords […]

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Website of the Month: 3 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day

“Here’s how to expand your mind’s abilities to get more done” Boosting productivity is one of the fundamentals of success in both our personal and our professional lives. “Get more done in less time” is the perfect strategy for making […]

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Your Website of the Month: The 9 Key Points of Making a Difficult Decision

“Avoiding a decision is itself a decision … probably the wrong one” Decisions, decisions – we spend our days making them, most of them minor but every now and then a really big, important one comes along. Perhaps it’s something […]

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Your Website of the Month: How to Avoid Falling Victim to a “Tinder Swindler”

“But love is blind, and lovers cannot see” (Shakespeare) Note: Please think of sharing this article with any family member, friend or colleague who might benefit from knowing which “red flags” to watch for when using dating apps and social media. […]

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Your Website of the Month: How to Smash Your Goals in 2022 (Even If It Is Already February)

“New Year’s Resolutions” are notoriously easy to make but hard to keep, and one wonders how many are still on the radar come February each year. But perhaps February is an even better time to set your goals for the […]

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Your Website of the Month: How to Cope with Pandemic Stress as A Small Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur can be hugely rewarding, but it comes with a level of stress at the best of times, now magnified many times over by the pandemic’s uncertainties and disruptions. Of course stress can be good for us, but […]

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Your Website of the Month: How to Find and Remove Spyware from Your Cellphone

Our cellphones have, for most of us, become integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives. Take a moment now to think of how much damage a cybercriminal, or an industrial spy, perhaps even a malicious stalker or vengeful ex-employee, […]

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Your Website of the Month: New – How to Renew Your Car Licence Disc Online

Here’s some really good news for all of us motorists dreading the annual challenge of queuing to renew our car licences. The Road Traffic Management Corporation has launched an online payment gateway allowing us to register, renew, and pay for […]

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Your Website of the Month: The Best Age to Launch a Successful Startup Is…

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission reports (see Moneyweb article here) a record 510,000 new companies registered in 2020 – 32% up from 2019. Clearly the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic and its associated economic disruption are at play […]

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Your Website of the Month: Start a New Business Fast and Lean

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed many doors, but it has also levelled many playing fields and opened up a slew of new business opportunities. If you are one of the many budding entrepreneurs out there looking to start up your […]

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